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ziererCOMMUNICATIONS is a boutique public relations and marketing agency specialized in working with leading brands in the sectors art & lifestyle, health & beauty & wellbeing, luxury hotels, luxury goods and entertainment & charity to increase brand awareness and to gain new high-net-worth customers. The agency plans, conducts and implements marketing, public relations and social media campaigns to generate powerful results and to build a buzz. But research comes first to develop an integrated customer marketing strategies and campaigns which deliver return of investment and speak the same language on all channels.

We are familiar with the target audience of the luxury segment and know how to approach the high networth Consumer.  Additionally, we create innovative, unique marketing stories in order to set our clients apart from their competitors. The strategies that we implement are focused not only on increasing brand awareness but also on tactical PR, Social Media and Marketing campaigns to improve the commercial returns. Our size is also a strength: large enough to guarantee a variety of services but small enough to provide tailored solutions for each client.


The agency based in Munich, Germany was founded in 2001 by the managing director Annette Zierer. Depending on the requirements the agency works with an international network of specialists.